The agency On the side of advertisers

At a time when communication strategies have become open to all possibilities, advertisers need an agency that can advise them without any restrictions even if this advice is beyond the agency’s own possibilities.

At Gulfstream, we have opted for an agile and open organisation that brings together a wide range of the most dynamic skills under the same roof and without any conflict of interest.

You might think “but how do you do that? ”. Quite simply because we are independent in both mind and condition and have been since 1993.

Our vision of the [Mark]

  • No, “marketing” is not a dirty word. in fact if you take a closer look you’ll see that in "marketing" there is [Mark]

  • Come a little closer and you will see that the [mark] is nothing more than an enhanced vision of the brand

  • At the intersection of the company’s multiple challenges - business, relationships, csr... - it produces as many values as it passes on

  • This is the [Mark] as we build it every day with our clients: sincere and caring, it does not make promises but proposals

Our positive influence® methodology

  • The brand is no longer the centre and the sole distributor of information about it. it has become one interlocutor among others.
    (ok, that we know ;-))

  • So amid all this noise, how does it manage to interact favorably with all components in its environment?
    (watch out, this is where we come in...)

  • With positive influence®, we activate - without prejudice - the right influence levers, to make [Mark] proposals that make a difference.
    (and that's really cool!)